Carbon Offsetting Program

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Aviation is one of humanities greatest achievements

Since the Wright brothers first flight in 1903, the world suddenly became far more interconnected. Aviation brings people and ideas together and contributes tremendously to the global economy.

We champion flying but recognize the environmental impact it has; civil aviation contributes 2% of global CO2 emissions, and business aviation accounts for 2% of that, i.e. 0.04% of global CO2 emissions (source: European Environment Agency).

Did you know?

Jetfly operates the greenest fleet of business aircraft in Europe, which is thanks to the very low fuel consumption of the Pilatus PC-12. The emission rate is far lower than any other business aircraft.

Fly green,
fly PC-12

The Pilatus PC-12 produces
10x less CO2 than a large jet

All PC-12 flights are compensated

In 2022, Jetfly enrolled all PC-12 aircraft of its fleet in the Pratt & Whitney Canada carbon offsetting program. All flights are automatically compensated by Jetfly as standard on all PC-12 share offers. Learn more.

Any flight on Jetfly Pilatus PC-12 is a net zero flight.

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Voluntary PC-24 offsetting program

How does the program work?

For a small additional fee, Jetfly offers its PC-24 clients the option to off-set the carbon emissions produced by all their flights.

Carbon offsetting or ‘carbon credits’ are financial contributions to projects that help reduce CO2 emissions in various industries or encourage new sustainable energy projects around the world. This is to balance out the damage human activity is having on the planet.

PC-24 45€/h

A Program Jetfly has contributed to

Fazenda Savannah Regeneration Program

Reforesting Brazil's incredible and biodiverse Cerrado Savannah

By introducing hardy tree species, a sustainable forest is created on previously degraded farmland in the region of Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. This encourages renewed vitality to an area of the Cerrado Savannah that is internationally recognised as a biodiversity hotspot and home to many endangered and threatened species including the puma, ocelot and anteater.