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Becoming a Jetfly co-owner, you get access to the largest fleet of Pilatus aircraft in Europe

To become a co-owner you purchase a share in a Pilatus PC-12 or PC-24, which is relative to your flying needs. Each year Jetfly takes delivery of 4-5 new aircraft.

Your engagement with Jetfly takes the form of a Purchase and Management Agreement. Our contracts typically last for two periods of 5 years. This means you can benefit from the Jetfly service with one investment for a 10 year period. If you want to stop you have a guaranteed exit possibility in year 5.

Once you are a co-owner we are at your disposal for your flights 24/7. Just contact the reservation desk and tell us when and where you want to go and we will do the rest.

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Guaranteed Availability

Your aircraft is available within 24 hours, departing from any country in Europe, without positioning fees. Jetfly operates the largest fleet of Pilatus in Europe on behalf of 400 co-owners. At short notice, wherever you are, the availability of an aircraft is guaranteed.

Invoicing based on occupied hours

A simple and cost-effective system that allows you to accurately predict the cost of your flights. Regardless of where the aircraft is and where it goes after your flight, only the time you spend on board is invoiced; a great advantage compared to air taxi companies that charge for the positioning of the aircraft and empty legs.

You fly in the most versatile aircraft in the world

The Pilatus PC-12 & PC-24 are exceptionally versatile business aircraft. Fast and pressurized, they offer a level of comfort and equipment that can be found on larger business jets. They are able to fly at high altitudes and land at the largest international airports as well as smaller grass strips. Due to the aircraft short landing field capabilities, the Pilatus PC-24 can access airfields such as Gstaad-Saanen, Elba, St.Tropez-La Môle. For airfields with an even shorter runway such as London-Denham, Courchevel and Lausanne, the Pilatus PC-12 is the ideal flying solution.

Unique Landing Strips

With our Pilatus aircraft, we are comfortable using international airports as well as small airfields closer to your final destination.

Below some examples of unique destinations:












La Môle
10 mins from the St-Tropez Marina

Map Saint-Tropez
Image Saint-Tropez

3 mins from the Royal Dornoch Golf Club

Map Dornoch
Image Dornoch

17 mins from the St-Emilion Castle

Map Libourne
Image Libourne

5 mins from Venice

Map Lido
Image Lido

London Denham
35 mins from Mayfair

Map London
Image London

4 mins from the 5-star Quiberon hotel (thalassotherapy)

Map Quiberon
Image Quiberon

Norderney, Wangerooge & Rugen
In the heart of the Northern Isles of Germany

Map Rugen
Image Rugen

9 mins from the Gstaad ski resort

Map Saanen
Image Saanen

Courchevel, Megève & Albertville
In the heart of the ski resorts!

Map Courchevel
Image Courchevel

8 mins from the Spa Francorchamps F1 circuit

Map Spa
Image Spa

St Johann
12 mins from the Kitzbuhel ski resort

Map St Johann
Image St Johann

Our 10 best
value propositions

01. Anytime

An aircraft at your disposal anytime, for a fraction of the price.

02. No positioning fees

Invoicing based on occupied hours in the aircraft with no positioning fees.

03. Performance

Access to 3 times more airfields in Europe than an equivalent jet due to the Pilatus aircraft’s incredible performance.

04. Team available 24/7

Experienced pilots and operations team available 24/7.

05. Suits your needs

Adapt your ownership and costs to the allotted amount of hours which suit your needs.

06. Safe

Flying in a Pilatus aircraft is statistically safer than flying in other jets.

07. Cargo door

Fly in a large and comfortable cabin with flat floor and lavatory and cargo door, ideally fitted for bigger ticket items such as ski’s and bikes.

08. Large cabin

Fly with up to 8 passengers on board and still room for luggage.

09. Carry pets into the UK

DEFRA approved to carry pets into the UK.

10. 400 co-owners

Join 400 co-owners who have an extensive experience of business aviation and who have chosen Jetfly as their preferred solution to fly in Europe.

offers key advantages hero jetfly

& charter


If your annual need for flying hours exceeds 250 a year, full aircraft management solutions exist.

For any questions, please contact Fly7.


If you are interested in charter solutions, CaptainJet offers access to numerous aircraft in the world, ranging from very light jets to long-range jets.